Yangjian LNG terminal project reaches new milestone

LNG storage contractor TGE Gas Engineering has announced that the concrete pouring of the second layer of the central area of the dome of Tank 1 of the Guangdong Energy Yangjiang LNG terminal project was completed.

Courtesy of TGE Gas Engineering

This marks the completion of the concrete pouring of the dome of the two tanks of the whole project and the completion of the civil construction of the main body.

TGE said that, starting from the concrete pouring of the first layer of the Tank 2 dome on 12 February 2023, the concrete pouring of the two tank domes has taken a total of 45 days and 5,530m³ of concrete has been poured so far.

In 2022, the company reached another important milestone in the project as the roof of the 160,000 m³ LNG Tank 1 had been successfully lifted.

The Guangdong Energy Yangjiang LNG terminal project, located in China’s Guangdong Province, started in September 2021, including two 160,000m³ LNG tanks and relevant facilities with an annual maximum capacity of 2.8 MTPA.

It was jointly established by PO&G and Guangdong Yudean Natural Gas under a 50/50 partnership.

TGE signed a tank engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contract for the project in November 2021. More specifically, the consortium of TGE and China Chengda Engineering signed it.

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