ZTT sends off submarine cable for Huizhou Port offshore wind farm

ZTT has sent off the submarine cable ordered by China Guangdong Nuclear Engineering (CGN) for the Huizhou Port offshore wind project in China.

Courtesy of ZTT

After completing FAT inspection and cable upload, the 49 km 220kV two-circuit cable system is on its way for the link-up, the company reports.

The installation will take place in June at the site located off the coast of Guangdong Province. ZTT has assigned cable laying barge Yuanwei 8, equipped with a 6000-ton carousel, for the job.

Under a contract secured in September 2020, ZTT was in charge of designing, manufacturing, and installing the submarine cable system for the Huizhou Port offshore wind farm.

The total planned capacity of the wind farm is 1,000 MW, and the installed capacity of the current phase is 275 MW.