2H Offshore heads new joint industry project ‘to find efficiencies’

2H Offshore, a riser and conductor specialists in subsea services group Acteon, has launched the STREAM (STeel Riser Enhanced Analytics using Measurements) joint industry project (JIP).

2H Offshore said that the JIP will see 2H Offshore work with operators to “find efficiencies” for the industry. The company further stated that STREAM aims to provide a measurement-based foundation for steel catenary riser (SCR) modeling to allow for accurate fatigue assessment.

SCRs have been used in the deep-water offshore industry due to their reliability. However, field measurements indicate that riser fatigue damage is often over predicted at the critical touchdown region, which can lead to higher riser costs for the industry.

According to the company, full-scale field data from six deep-water SCR systems has been secured from STREAM JIP participants, including four ‘major’ operators.

2H will apply its riser response data analytics methodology to benchmark design, identify gaps, and derive calibrated modeling parameters. The company believes that the results will benefit the future design and life extension of riser systems.

Himanshu Maheshwari, 2H Offshore senior project manager, said: “The modern subsea market is evolving, with a need for smarter, more efficient solutions. Data is critical to bridge the gap between numerical analysis and actual response in the field for deep water SCRs. The STREAM JIP will provide a platform for operators to work together to achieve an industry consensus on optimal design parameters.”