50Hertz Expanding Lubmin Onshore Substation

50Hertz Offshore is set to expand the operational Lubmin onshore substation in Germany due to offshore wind needs.

According to 50Hertz, a need for the further establishment of connections to the Lubmin substation is required because of tendering procedures for offshore wind projects.

Three 220kV and two 380/220kV connection panels for offshore transformers are required for the new connections.

In addition, a further 220kV compensation choke and a 380/220 kV grid coupling transformer are to be erected.

The 220kV system will be expanded by 13 cubicles, while the 380kV system will be expanded by a total of five cubicles.

In April, 50Hertz connected the Wikinger and Arkona offshore wind farms in the German Baltic Sea to the Lubmin substation via the Ostwind 1 grid connection. At the Lubmin substation, the current is transformed to 380kV and fed into the 50Hertz transmission system.

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