A New High for Danish-Flagged Fleet

A New High for Danish-Flagged Fleet
The number of ships sailing under the Danish flag has reached a new high, new data from the Danish Shipowners’ Association shows.

The Danish merchant fleet has reached a new milestone. In the most recent fleet count on 1 July 2014 the fleet sailing under the Danish flag accounted for more than 15 million tonnes dead weight (DWT). Gross tonnage (GT) rose to approx. 13.2 million, which is also a new high. The fleet flying the Danish flag now totals 637 ships.

A New High for Danish-Flagged Fleet 1

“It is particularly positive that Danish shipping companies can still expand the merchant fleet despite continuing difficult market conditions in more or less all sectors,” says Jacob K. Clasen, Director at the Danish Shipowners’ Association.

“Another reason for the figures is that new shipping companies have come to Denmark, which emphasises Denmark’s importance as a shipping nation,” he says.

The growth in tonnage has mainly been in liner traffic and specialised traffic, while tanker traffic appears to have stabilised at around 3 million GT.

Key figures can be seen here

Press Release, July 4, 2014

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