Aasta Hansteen, Polarled create 200 jobs in Northern Norway

The Aasta Hansteen and Polarled development projects will have significant spinoff effects in the north of Norway. So far the projects are set to ensure jobs for 200 people on the Helgeland coast.

Aasta Hansteen, Polarled create 200 jobs in Norway's north

“Aasta Hansteen is a pioneer project in Northern Norway. It is the deepest field development on the Norwegian continental shelf. We employ new technology to produce the resources, building the world’s largest Spar platform. Aasta Hansteen is also a pioneer when it comes to creating local ripple effects in the development phase in Northern Norway,” says Torolf Christensen, head of the Aasta Hansteen field development.

He refers to the local ripple effects that the project has already created on the Helgeland coast. “So far, the Aasta Hansteen and Polarled development projects have created jobs for 200 people on the Helgeland coast,” Christensen says.

The bulk of these jobs are located in Mo i Rana, where Momek is constructing 32 suction anchors for Subsea 7 for the Aasta Hansteen project. Wasco Energy is building a plant in Mo i Rana for the application of a concrete coating on 40 000 individual pipes for the Polarled pipeline.

In addition Aker Solutions will employ some 50 people at Sandnessjøen for the construction of the subsea templates for the field.

“Aasta Hansteen is set to create greater local and regional spinoff effects than we assumed in the Plan for Development and Operation.  We have realised more than NOK 200 million out of NOK 450 million in announced local and regional ripple effects in the development phase. This adds to local spin-offs from the Polarled projects, including Wasco Energy’s Mo i Rana factory,” Christensen says.

aasta hansteen and polarled map

He expects more local spinoffs from the projects in the future.

“Extensive offshore installation activities and production drilling on the field will be supported from the supply base at Sandnessjøen and the helicopter base at Brønnøysund.  In combination, these activities will boost the activity level for the bases at Helgeland substantially,” Christensen says.

Momek is now completing the fabrication of the two first suction anchors for the Aasta Hansteen project. Weighing 140 tonnes, the suction anchors are 19.5 metres tall. The suction anchors will moor the 70,000-tonne Spar platform in 1300 metres of water in the Norwegian Sea.

Wasco Energy has established a 13,000 square metre coating facility and associated pipe rack at Mo i Rana. The facility will apply a protecting layer of reinforcing and concrete coating on 40,000 individual pipes for the Polarled pipeline prior to seabed installation.

Polarled is a new 480-kilometre gas pipeline from Aasta Hansteen to Nyhamna in Møre og Romsdal.


Press Release, February 14, 2014


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