ABPmer Calculates Weather Downtime

ABPmer has launched an on-demand weather downtime service.

Developed in conjunction with the offshore wind industry, the new express service helps make quicker weather dependent decisions by offering 24/7 access to ABPmer’s SEASTATES weather downtime calculator.

After user inputs vessel position, tasks and limiting metocean conditions, the results including weather downtime and extended task duration at all probability levels, project risk profile, and a breakdown of downtime per task, to enable programme optimisation are displayed.

Bill Cooper, ABPmer Managing Director, said: “An online service was a logical next step; we originally developed the weather downtime calculator as an in-house tool, we then offered it as software, now we are giving offshore developers and operators the means to generate statistical information themselves whenever they want.”

The statistics are based on ABPmer’s SEASTATES hindcast database which holds validated historic weather data back to 1979 for NW Europe and the Baltic Sea.

The calculator can consider any combination of home ports, take into account multi-stage operations with multiple limiting parameters and process any number of scenarios.

Image: seajacks