Acorn Project hires ASCO for logistics and environmental services

Storegga, a developer of carbon reduction and removal technologies, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with materials management and logistics company ASCO to collaborate on the Acorn Project.

Peterhead South Base. Courtesy of ASCO

Under the MoU, the parties will explore opportunities to collaborate, with particular focus on the Acorn Port project which seeks to utilise the Peterhead Port jetty adjacent to the ASCO South Peterhead Supply Base for import of CO2 from dedicated carriers.

Peterhead South Base. Courtesy of ASCO

For its part of the deal, ASCO will look into opportunities for logistics and materials management services, quayside services, dedicated warehouse provisions, and environmental services for the project.

Thuy-Tien Le Guen Dang, Group Sustainability Manager at ASCO, said: “As key industry players, one of our ambitions is to help support and transform the energy supply chain. Our new agreement with Storegga and the Acorn Project reinforces our commitment to sustainability. It underlines our belief in developing collaborative partnerships that not only support streamlined and leaner processes but also drive innovation to create a low carbon supply chain.

“The Acorn projects have the potential to deliver significant economic growth while safeguarding and creating jobs in Scotland and across the UK. Jobs will be created, initially directly by the design, equipment supply, logistics and construction activities and later through long term jobs in a resilient clean energy economy.”

Storegga, Shell, and Harbour Energy became equal partners in the Acorn Project in April 2021. Two moths later, Shell took over as the technical developer of the project but Storegga, through Pale Blue Dot Energy, continued as the lead project developer. As the technical developer, Shell assumed responsibility for the technical planning and execution of the project, utilising its capability and experience in major infrastructure developments.

In December 2021, North Sea Midstream Partners (NSMP) has acquired a 10% interest to become a participant in the Acorn Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and Hydrogen Project in the UK.

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