‘Acta Orion’ Soon to Be Christened

The name giving ceremony of the offshore support vessel Acta Orion will take place on October 22th, when Mrs Didi te Gussinklo Ohmann will name the vessel.

The vessel is named after one of the most recognizable constellations in the night sky. Govert Jan van Oord suggested Acta Orion’s name, as Orion is the adjacent constellation of Gemini.

Gemini is also Acta Orion’s first project. Acta Marine’s crew transfer vessels the Offshore Waddenzee, Offshore Wandelaar and the Offshore West Hinder are supporting the project. The Gemini project team is additionally assisted by other support vessels, such as the large Liz V. and the Stril Server, an 85 meter long Multi Purpose DP2 Support Vessel. All listed vessels are charter-in via Acta Marine Wind in support of the project’s EPC Contractor.

This fall, the Acta Orion will be the 7th vessel assisting the construction of the Gemini project.

Image: Acta Marine