Afai Southern Ensures Production Quality

The Safety and Quality Management Department (QC) of Afai Southern is strengthening in-process inspection so as to ensure the overall construction quality.

Afai Southern Ensures Production Quality

In several under construction projects, the Safety and Quality Management Department is implementing the following measures:

  • strengthening the in-process inspection at superstructure’s assembly of ASA042
  • strict execution of AFAI Quality Standard on Shipbuilding, which applies not only to the workers, but to each workshop technical supervisor controlling the quality in processing (all of them are required to be familiar with quality requirements)
  • and inspection of construction quality.

When inspecting ship berth joint of coastal high-speed rescue vessel ASA049, QC measured several key points, including hull centerline, demi-hull line, ground hull line, deck levelness and center keels height, etc.

In the process of inspection, the Department members held on-site meetings with workers and technical staff to discuss construction techniques and solve problems, ensuring the quality of block assembly.


March 6, 2014

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