Photo: Image courtesy of AG EMS

AG Ems orders Münsterland LNG conversion

AG Ems orders Münsterland LNG conversion
Image courtesy of AG EMS

Royal Niestern Sander and the German ferry operator AG Ems signed the agreement for the conversion of the passenger ship Münsterland to LNG propulsion.

For the project, the Dutch shipbuilding company Niestern Sander is set to receive a contribution from the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union for this innovation process.

Royal Niestern Sander said in its statement it will design and build a completely new aft ship for the passenger ship from 1986, including dual fuel engines, LNG storage tanks, propulsion systems, all LNG installations, pipelines and other systems. This completely new stern will replace the existing stern of the Münsterland.

The existing ship dates from 1986 and is, therefore, more than thirty years old. In theory, the ship has reached the end of its life cycle and the LNG conversion will include many technical systems replacement and upgrade, doubling the vessel’s lifespan.

AG Ems will put the Münsterland back into service in its new form in the first half of 2020.