AGR Completes Brazilian Operation using EC-Drill

Drilling solutions provider AGR has successfully completed its first Brazilian operation using their EC-Drill™ technology.

This EC-Drill™ solution is based on the well-proven RMR System that has been modified for use on Petrobras jack up wells.

AGR’s Managed Pressure Drilling system was used on two Petrobras Brasil wells in the Rio Grande do Norte region. This was the first time that AGR’s Enhanced Drilling Solutions (EDS) division had provided Dual Gradient Drilling (DGD) services to Petrobras.

EC-Drill™ made it possible for AGR’s operators to actively adjust the drilling fluid level in the conductor, allowing accurate manipulation of bottom-hole pressure for more effective drilling.

For Petrobras, the system significantly improved drilling of the top-hole sections on these wells in two areas – all mud and cuttings were returned to the rig without any discharge to the sea, minimising the environmental footprint, and in manipulation of bottom hole pressure to compensate for ECD. The amount of drilling fluid lost to the formation was also minimised, while running and cementing the surface casing.

Petrobras Contract Manager José Fernandes said: “The AGR system effectively helped in controlling the pressure inside the well, reflecting positively on combating the fluid losses and reducing operational costs.”

Terry Scanlon, Senior Vice President AGR Americas, said: “We are pleased to report that Petrobras is now experiencing the enhanced drilling results that we committed to deliver with our environmental and DGD capabilities. Petrobras has been an excellent partner in this program and we are continuing, with them, to fine-tune system capabilities for further wells offshore Brazil in the near future.”

The wells were the first two projects following a series of two-year services contracts signed between AGR and Petrobras in 2010.

As well as providing such advantages as accurate BHP manipulation for improved drilling, plus less environmental impact, AGR’s EC-Drill™ system also offers benefits such as enhanced safety thanks to faster kick/loss detection, plus significant savings in rig time and costs on deepwater wells.

Subsea World News Staff , January 23, 2012;  Image: AGR