AGR Reservoir Studies Included in NPD Atlas of Barents Sea

AGR’s Reservoir Management team in Oslo delivered two reservoir studies to the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) which have been published in The CO² Storage Atlas of the Barents Sea.

AGR Reservoir Studies Included in NPD Atlas of Barents Sea

The CO2 Storage Atlas of the Barents Sea has been prepared by the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, at the request of the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy. The purpose of the publication is to identify the safe and effective area for long-term storage of CO² in the area. AGR has been acknowledged as key contributors to the reservoir modelling related to CO² storage.

AGR conducted two studies – both projects (the Bjarmeland Platform and a case study of residual oil zone) were lead by Oslo-based Lead Reservoir Engineer, Magne Døssland. John Erick Battie (also Oslo) provided G&G support.

Last year, the Reservoir team in Norway was awarded a Frame Agreement with the NPD. The contract covered delivering services within geology and reservoir engineering, including reservoir modelling, petrophysics, reservoir simulation and increased oil recovery.

Press Release, January 24, 2014; Image: NPD

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