Akastor’s MHWirth Bags West White Rose Deal Off Canada

MHWirth, a company owned by Akastor, has received a contract from Wood Group Canada for the delivery of a drilling package, including equipment, engineering and services for the West White Rose project offshore Canada.

Husky Energy is developing the West White Rose project, together with its co-venture partners. This will be a fixed facility with a platform supported by a concrete gravity structure.

The platform will serve as a fixed drilling rig and is located approximately 350 kilometers southeast of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada, in the White Rose field.

The White Rose field is located on the eastern edge of the Jeanne d’Arc Basin in water depths of about 120 meters (393 feet).

The primary function of the platform, which will be tied back to the SeaRose FPSO, will be drilling, and will include limited processing facilities and permanent accommodations.

Being awarded this project represents an important milestone for MHWirth,” said Finn Amund Norbye, CEO of MHWirth. “This is the first complex offshore drilling package awarded in the market in the past several years. We are looking forward to working closely with Husky and Wood Group on this project.”

The contract covers the majority of the equipment ranges of MHWirth in addition to an engineering scope.