Allseas Gains Realtime Insight into Logistics Process

Allseas Gains Realtime Insight into Logistics Process

Offshore company Allseas, a specialist in offshore pipeline installation and subsea construction, has signed for the delivery of a supply chain forwarding portal by logistics software supplier Yellow Star Solutions. The system will assist Allseas to centrally manage their logistics processes.

The supply chain forwarding system is a tailor-made solution for production companies in the offshore sector. The application is an integrated addition to the Oracle ERP system, which Allseas already works with. An ERP traditionally supports financial, purchasing, sales and manufacturing processes in a good way. With the addition of the Yellow Star-application, Allseas can now also control its logistics processes efficiently and centrally (while maintaining local flexibility).

Main advantages: reduced risk of stationary projects & time savings

Allseas transports a large amount of supply, maintenance and project equipment from en towards its offshore installation vessels. The complex logistics to organize these activities efficiently is characterized by a great need for flexibility, a lot of urgent orders and high time pressure. Regular shipments are transported with containers, while rush orders are often transported with trucks, vessels, planes and even helicopters. For coordinating these various transports in an efficient and pro-active way, Allseas went looking for a logistics addition to its Oracle ERP system. The supply chain forwarding portal of Yellow Star was chosen after a thorough selection.

One central system for all logistic documents

According to Allseas the application will become the central portal for generating and storing all logistic documents. The purpose of the application is to consolidate all shipments efficiently from 1 central system. Via the integrated tracking & tracing option, everyone has realtime, 24/7 and anywhere on the entire globe access to the transport status and the location of all goods. Also every employee has access to all transportation-related documents, such as CMR’s, photos, certificates, the Boxlist, Pro-forma invoice, etc. This results in less unnecessary communication.

With the supply chain portal forwarding of Yellow Star, Allseas spends less time on intensive administrative processes and gain more insight into the complete scenario of pre,- main & post-transports.

Huisman Equipment & Royal Boskalis already ‘live’

Allseas chose for Yellow Star due to the rapid and successful implementation of the application at companies like Huisman Equipment and Royal Boskalis. According to Allseas, Yellow Star has extensive knowledge of logistics in general and experience with logistics implementations. The short-cycle project approach and ‘to-the-point (webbased) solutions’ give Allseas 100% freedom. The simple integration of the application with the ERP system has been a crucial factor.

Press Release, February 20, 2013