AML CTDs for Ocean Networks Canada’s Smart Oceans

AML Oceanographic has been selected to supply CTDs for Ocean Networks Canada’s ‘Smart Oceans’ program.

AML Metrec•X instruments will be deployed on cabled observatory platforms off Canadian coasts to provide data imperative to improving environmental monitoring and marine safety.

AML’s UV•Xchange and Cabled UV will prevent biofouling of XchangeTM and other environmental sensors on each CTD, in addition to other critical surfaces of the platform. The prevention of fouling-induced drift will allow the sensors to provide accurate data for the duration of the in-situ deployments.

Scott McLean, Director of Ocean Networks Canada Innovation Centre, stated: “With the incredible results of the AML Oceanographic CTD and UV anti-biofouling system in our technology demonstration program we are very pleased to be deploying these systems across coastal BC as part of the Smart Oceans™ program. High biofouling areas in the coastal zone create a huge challenge in ongoing operations and maintenance costs for any observatory, especially in remote locations. After 15 months and still going, at our worst bio-fouling site, the sensors remain clean and operating fine. We are all absolutely amazed. AML Oceanographic has really made a revolutionary advance in anti-biofouling technology with this new product.”