AMSA Releases Unstable Livestock Carrier from Detention to Carry Out Repairs

The livestock carrier MV Jawan has been released from detention on Thursday afternoon, December 20, after the vessel completed a sea trial within the Port of Portland that confirmed its motion was consistent with the calculated stability, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) informed.

Following the release the vessel headed on its voyage to Singapore for repairs.

The live stock carrier was stripped of the Australian Certificate for the Carriage of Livestock earlier this month after AMSA determined that the vessel’s approved stability data was unreliable when the ship was loaded. Due to the said issues the ship experienced violent rocking from side to side while sailing, and had to be ordered to offload livestock in Australia on two separate occasions.

Now that the carriage certificate has been withdrawn, the ship is not permitted to load cargo of any type and cannot carry livestock.

“An examination of the MV Jawan by the vessel’s classification society and operator identified a number of issues with fresh water tanks and their pumping systems as being a likely contributor to the stability issues. To mitigate this risk, all ballast and fresh water tanks were filled to capacity to minimize the impact on the ship’s stability as a result of water moving in and between tanks,” AMSA said.

“AMSA has put in place conditions for the voyage including regular reporting to AMSA and the voyage plan takes into account expected weather conditions and includes contingency plans.”

The maritime body added that it would not consider reissuing an Australian Certificate for the Carriage of Livestock until repairs have been completed and the vessel’s stability issues have been resolved.

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