AMWU to fight alleged bullying at Wheatstone LNG worksite

AMWU to fight alleged bullying at Wheatstone LNG worksite
Image courtesy of Chevron

Bechtel’s worksite manager at Chevron’s Wheatstone LNG project in Australia has come under fire for alleged bullying on multiple occasions. 

Australian Manufacturing Workers Union said over 250 Bechtel employees have signed a petition calling on Bechtel to “treat worker’s concerns with the seriousness and respect required, after a worksite manager allegedly used profanity and bullying tactics on multiple occasions when speaking to employees in an effort to offend and intimidate them.”

The alleged behavior took place on or around the middle of last month on multiple occasions, AMWU said.

The petition urged Chevron’s contractor Bechtel to “lead by example” claiming it has failed to ensure a bully free workplace.

Workers organized a mass meeting about the incidents at which 260 workers signed the petition to formalize their position, AMWU said, adding that Bechtel rejected the petition seeking workers to lodge individual complaints through the disputes process.

The Australian Manufacturing Workers Union has been called in to represent the workers.

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