Angola LNG Producing at 20 Pct Capacity

Angola LNG Producing at 20 Pct Capacity

The Angola LNG project, which sent off its first LNG cargoes in June, is currently producing at just 20 percent of its maximum capacity.

We started producing this year but we still have not reached maximum production capacity at Angola LNG, we are at around 20 percent,” Reuters cited Paulo Fernandes, an executive at Sonangol’s production department as saying.

A string of upstream setbacks has significantly dimmed the prospect of realising production goals but the LNG plant will probably be producing at full capacity by the end of 2014.

Yes, probably. We had some problems at the plant’s launch stage, but these were resolved and now we’re in the phase of commissioning and will progressively get the 100 percent goal,Fernandes added.

At full production it is expected that over 70 cargoes per year will leave the Angola LNG plant, supplying 5.2 million tons per year of LNG, plus propane, butane and condensate.


LNG World News Staff, October 30, 2013; Image: Angola LNG