Anti-Anadarko Flotilla Sailing Towards Drill Site Off New Zealand

Anti-Anadarko Flotilla Sailing Towards Drill Site Off New Zealand

The Oil Free Seas flotilla has set sail today from Auckland  and Kaikoura, to confront Anadarko’s drillship over 100 nautical miles off the west coast of New Zealand.

“Texan oil company Anadarko is due to start drilling around the middle to the end of November, using the previously untested drill ship the Nobel Bob Douglas,” the Oil Free Seas said in a statement, adding that the move is in line “with our country’s long tradition of peaceful protest at sea”.

The flotilla, made up of 7 boats, is a loose association of individuals and boat owners who “oppose deep-sea drilling and the new legislation that takes away New Zealander’s long-standing right to peacefully protest at sea. One of the boats taking part, the Vega, also sailed against French nuclear tests in the Pacific.”

“We love New Zealand, and this country is what it is because kiwis have stood up for what we believe in. I was on board the SV Vega protesting against French nuclear testing in the Pacific in the 70’s. Nuclear testing in the Pacific wasn’t right and deep-sea oil drilling in the Tasman is not right either. We will not be bullied into submission by big oil or dubious laws,” said Anna Horne of Oil Free Seas Flotilla.

Earlier this year, the Government announced a new law to ban aspects of protesting at sea. Now known as the ‘Anadarko Amendment’, it states ‘that it is illegal to interfere with any structure or ship that is in an offshore area that is to be used in mining activities, with an exclusion zone of 500 meters.’

“By being there we are saying to Anadarko that they are not welcome here doing this kind of activity. This law suits the suits, but not the environment and the wishes of the people of New Zealand” said Anna Horne.

November 11, 2013


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