Anti-Wind Campaigners Prefer Ocean Energy

Anti-Wind Campaigners Prefer Ocean Energy

Opposers of wind power are to gather today in Dublin to express their disapproval of this form of energy generation, writes the Irish Independent news site.

They believe ocean energy, especially wave power, has the potential to replace wind energy.

Andrew Duncan, from the Lakelands Windfarm Information Group, said: “There is massive potential there with ocean technologies, and we need to have an informed debate in terms of this being the most effective renewable energy for Ireland.” 

Andrew added that wave energy is more consistent, comparing to intermittent wind energy which “operates in a very limited way.”

Electricity Supply Board (ESB) plans to generate 26 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2025, and by 2050 to become carbon neutral.

Offshore WIND staff, April 15, 2014; Image: flickr