APGA Supports Three NGV Bills

APGA Supports Three NGV Bills

American Public Gas Association (APGA) sent a letter supporting the trio of natural gas vehicle bills, H.R. 3937, H.R. 3938, and H.R. 3940, introduced by Representatives Graves (R‐Mo.) and Terry (R‐Neb.).

APGA President & CEO Bert Kalisch made a following statement: “Natural gas powered trucks, primarily liquefied natural gas (LNG) powered trucks, have made significant strides in the long‐haul trucking market due to their significant cost advantage over diesel. Depending on the location of the refueling infrastructure, the cost advantage of LNG as opposed to diesel can be anywhere from $1‐2 per gallon, making payback periods economical for fleet owners and leading to life cycle cost savings.

“However, several barriers to widespread adoption of LNG trucks still exist. Two of the most prominent issues are the lack of refueling infrastructure and the current weight penalty for LNG powered long‐haul trucks operating on interstate highways.

“The Graves‐Terry legislation resolves both of these critical issues in a common sense, conservative fashion. H.R. 3938 would direct the federal government to play a coordinating role in working with states and private companies to develop natural gas fueling corridors on interstate highways. The goal of this initiative is to have natural gas refueling stations owned and run by private companies no more than 200 miles apart.

“H.R. 3940 directly addresses the weight penalty by allowing an exemption from the current truck weight limit for the purpose of the weight of the LNG tank. This bill will level the playing field between LNG trucks and diesel trucks.

“H.R. 3937 would also direct the federal government to create an inter agency task force— including the private sector—to evaluate other barriers to the adoption of LNG trucks, the costs and benefits of switching to natural gas, and the potential impacts on the Highway Trust Fund. Conducting a comprehensive study of these issues is a prudent approach that will allow private industry and the federal government, where appropriate, to understand and address existing challenges in a timely manner.

“APGA is proud to support the Graves‐Terry trio of pro‐NGV bills as they provide effective solutions to pressing problems in the long‐haul trucking market without spending taxpayers’ money.”

Source: APGA, March 21, 2014