API: New Cabinet Appointees Should Encourage Sensible Energy Policies (USA)

API New Cabinet appointees Should Encourage Sensible Energy Policies

The nation’s new Cabinet appointees can help America’s energy revolution produce jobs, energy and economic growth by encouraging sensible energy policies, API President and CEO Jack Gerard told reporters.

“The new Cabinet appointments will have a major impact on the game-changing opportunity in the energy sector underway. Gains in oil and natural gas production will create thousands of new jobs, and help spur economic growth for a generation. Increased production in the oil and natural gas upstream and midstream sectors alone could create more than 300 thousand jobs. But this could be just the beginning, if we get our energy policy right today, and, again, that’s why the president’s recent choices to lead key departments and agencies – Energy, Interior, EPA and OMB – are so critical.

“At a time of slow economic growth, high unemployment, ever-increasing deficits, and the daunting challenge of funding growing entitlements, oil and natural gas development is a ‘can’t miss’ opportunity that could help grow our economy and provide thousands of good-paying jobs. Ultimately, in my view, it would be unforgivable if, based on flawed science or outdated assumptions, this country were to abdicate its responsibility to future generations by missing this opportunity to lead on energy and to put control of our energy future back into our own hands.”

LNG World News Staff, March 06, 2013