APPEA: report reveals WA’s gas growth potential

Western Australia’s Independent Market Operator released the Gas Statement of Opportunities highlighting the importance of natural gas as fuel for both industrial and residential use.

APPEA’s COO Western Region Stedman Ellis said theĀ use of domestic LNG and compressed natural gas facilities has the potential to make gas supply accessible to remote areas of Western Australia while also increasing gas demand as a substitute for diesel.

He noted that GSOO forecasts that WA will be well supplied out to 2024, adding that companies focused on domestic production have the capacity to supply around 85 percent of WA’s domestic gas needs.

Ellis did, however, say the state’s gas reservation policy is still in the way of increased energy security and investment coming with a growing onshore gas industry.

Significant gas discoveries in the Mid-West in 2014 and 2015 are still trying to find their way to the market, Ellis added.


LNG World News Staff; Image: APPEA

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