APPEA Welcomes Bill Marmion as Minister for Mines and Petroleum, Australia

APPEA Welcomes Bill Marmion as Minister for Mines and Petroleum

The oil and gas industry welcomed Premier Colin Barnett’s appointment of Bill Marmion as the Minister for Mines and Petroleum.

APPEA Chief Operating Officer – Western Region, Stedman Ellis said: “This is a time of great opportunity and APPEA looks forward to Minister Marmion taking early action on election commitments to support the gas industry’s major role in driving economic development and contributing to the community’s high standard of living.

“APPEA has enjoyed a good working relationship with the retiring Minister Norman Moore and hopes to continue this with Minister Marmion.

“APPEA also welcomes the appointments of Mike Nahan as the Minister for Energy, Michael Mischin as Minister for Commerce, Albert Jacob as Minister for Environment, as well as Premier Colin Barnett’s continued focus upon state development.

“Industry looks to the Government to deliver a consistent approach to market-based energy policy and to meet election policy plans to improve the approvals tracking system, continue the exploration incentive scheme, complete hydrogeological investigations in the Canning Basin and create a virtual environmental resources sector database which will support the development of the onshore gas industry.

“APPEA believes a continued recognition of the importance of market-based energy policy is needed to attract the next generation of resources projects. As such, industry looks forward to working with the Government on the 2014 review of the domestic gas reservation policy.”

LNG World News Staff, March 20, 2013; Image: billmarmion-nedlands