April 1: Lost City of Atlantis Discovery to Lead to Building UK’s New Floating Port

Possible discovery of the Lost City of Atlantis off the coast of Cornwall, the UK, will lead to the construction of a revolutionary new floating port, British Ports Association (BPA) said on April Fools’ Day. 

Image Courtesy: Pixabay under CC0 Creative Commons license

BPA has welcomed the potential location of the infamous underwater City of Atlantis about 100 miles west of the Isles of Scilly in Cornwall, which it suggests will see the building of a dynamic floating port.

A new GBP 50 million (USD 65.3 million) floating port facility is planned to house almost 200 specialist marine archeologists and ships who are expected to head to the region in the coming months.

The discovery has yet to be confirmed but initial marine assessments have also found that the fortified island city had a thriving port.

“The results of the first underwater surveys show that the main port gateway of Atlantis probably handled more shipping containers than the Port of Rotterdam does today. If this were true it would be amazing and Atlantis would be considered one of the biggest ports in the world,” Richard Ballantyne, Chief Executive of the British Ports Association, commented.

“Furthermore, technically as Atlantis is in British waters it is (to) be eligible for membership of the British Ports Association so we hope they will join up!”

The discovery was said to be made by the crew of the fishing vessel, the MS Plato, over the weekend.

The fishermen found a suspected 11,000-year-old golden statue resonating the head of the famous Wolf Boy of Atlantis in their nets. The statue is said to have been mounted above the entrance to the biggest department store in the Lost City, which sold thousands of goods to ancient Greeks who it is thought flocked to the Island each year for their holidays, in 9,000 BC.