Archer Introduces Next-Gen Downhole Imaging and Measurement Services

Archer said it has launched a new generation of its SPACE ultrasound imaging and measurement services, which apply ultrasonic techniques – such as phased-array beam-forming – to enable true spatial understanding of the downhole environment.

The launch introduces SPACE Vernier, a service designed to measure the internal and external dimensions of the entire wellbore to generate statistical analysis of localised damage and systemic corrosion. The technology features a no contact design, which eliminates the risk of damage to the well tubing.

As part of the launch Archer has released a re-brand and technical upgrade of its original SPACE technology. SPACE Focus (formerly Forward Viewer) can now operate in temperatures of up to 135°C and pressures of up to 7,250 psi. SPACE Panorama (formerly Azimuthal Viewer) is now suitable for 150°C and 15,000 psi environments and is also available in a 2 1/8” size, making it suitable for a wider range of downhole applications.

The SPACE range also features a new proprietary, adaptive high-speed telemetry system which, combined with digital processing, should set new standards in downhole 3D image quality. The developments will reportedly enable operators to more accurately visualise specific well components to identify and measure damage, and therefore make better-informed decisions relating to well maintenance and operations.

Jan Vader, vice president of Archer Wireline, says: “Archer has invested heavily in the continued development of its SPACE product line and we’re excited to bring the results to market. The new high-speed telemetry and increased temperature rating of the SPACE range, coupled with the reduced tool size, have significantly enhanced the operating envelope of the service making it suitable for an even wider range of applications.

The SPACE product line has an excellent track record with more than 50 successful projects completed to date. We’re looking forward to rolling out the next generation of technology to a range of new customers.”