Archer Launches BOP Cleaning Tool

Archer Launches BOP Cleaning ToolArcher Launches BOP Cleaning Tool

Archer, the global oilfield service provider, has launched its latest tool, the TornarTM Deep Water BOP Cleaner, which has been designed for safe and effective blowout preventer (BOP) and riser cleaning in deep and ultra-deep water environments.

The company made the announcement from booth 555 at the SPE/IADC Drilling Conference and Exhibition in Amsterdam where it is displaying a model of the technology.

The Tornar Deep Water BOP Cleaner is an advanced vortex cleaning technology which removes wellbore debris from blowout preventer and marine riser cavities safely, rapidly and reliably in challenging depths, using a powerful vortex suction effect.

The tool combines Tornar flow ports with powerful proprietary magnets to extract debris whilst maintaining full well control and protecting the blowout preventer.

Speaking from the Amsterdam show, Rolf Egil Håland, Archer’s President and Managing Director, Oiltools, said: “The accumulation of drilling debris and solids is a serious oilfield challenge, it can hinder the correct operation of the BOP and cause extensive loss of time and money. The Tornar Deep Water BOP Cleaner has been designed for use in any deep and ultra-deep water environment around the globe.

“The big issue in deep and ultra-deep water markets is the time it takes to retrieve and re-run the marine riser and BOP as this can often take several days to a couple of weeks. A major operator in Brazil recently attributed 70% of their downtime to BOP-related issues; with a rig costing more than $1million per day such downtime becomes very expensive.

“The Tornar Deep Water BOP Cleaner is an advanced version of our shallow water model, the Tornar BOP Cleaner, which was released in summer 2012 and has proven its value in many North Sea jobs. Due to additional client requirements we were keen to develop this advanced version and plan to bring it to the rental market this April. We are already in the process of negotiating a master service agreement with a major rig operator.

“What really sets this tool apart is its combination of riser brush, string magnet and junk basket to clear the riser of mud and scale and collect debris. In addition its three-stage flow sleeve diverts flow out through the cleaning ports or through the bottom of the string, thereby enabling full well control during cleaning operations.”

Archer is a global oilfield service provider which specializes in drilling and well services. The company employs over 8,100 personnel through 118 global locations, with key regional bases in the North Sea, Middle East, Asia, North and Latin America.

Archer creates new wells, or equips those already in service, to produce oil and gas profitably and safely, with no harm to people or the environment, across the longest possible timeframe.


Press Release, March 5, 2013

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