Argentina: ION adds 30,000km of multi-client seismic data

ION Geophysical will put on offer over 40,000 kilometers of 2D multi-client data offshore Argentina in advance of the 2018 licensing round.

The seismic data company said on Monday it had delivered a regional framework consisting of approximately 30,000 kilometers of data over the Austral and Malvinas basins, considered a relatively under-explored petroleum region.

For almost ten years, ION’s 11,500 kilometers of ArgentineSPAN was the only dataset available in the Argentine offshore, the company explained.

The knowledge gained from working this data enabled ION to incorporate and interpret the 30,000 kilometers of vintage data. ION added that it secured the seismic data and well reports with exclusive licensing rights.

ION will provide a full interpretation report detailing the exploration history, the geologic framework, and an inventory of potential leads to jumpstart exploration efforts in advance of the anticipated license round in 2018. The complete seismic database is available now, and the full interpretation report will be completed during December 2017, the company said.

Joe Gagliardi, SVP of ION’s Ventures group, said: “Acquiring access to this unique dataset has provided the opportunity for ION to get information into the hands of our clients at an early stage, which can be used for both acreage evaluation and assessment if other data is necessary for operators to build and execute a rapid evaluation strategy for the region in advance of the licensing round.”

Austral and Malvinas 2D seismic data; Image: ION
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