As Tubular Bells ring, politicians sing praises

U.S. Senator David Vitter, Louisiana, yesterday highlighted importance of domestic energy production, following the first oil at Tubular Bells, a deepwater oil and gas field off the coast of Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico.

Tubular Bells utilizes the first classic spar built in the United States. The design and construction were done entirely in the U.S. creating an estimated 7,000 direct and indirect jobs in Texas and Louisiana.

Much of the rig construction took place in Houma, Louisiana.

“We in the Gulf States – and especially in Louisiana – are aware of how important domestic energy production is to our economy,” said Vitter.

“This is a major project and great news for the future of energy production in our country. It’s also exciting to see the first completely American-made rig of its kind contributing and bringing us closer to energy independence.”

Tubular Bells deepwater oil and gas field was discovered in 2003 and lies 135 miles southeast of New Orleans, Lousiana.

Big win for Lousiana

According to information on the Hess website, Governor Bobby Jindal, Lousiana, said: “This is a big win for Louisiana. New energy production frontiers like the Tubular Bells Field will drive economic growth and revitalize our economy. This project is proof that the oil and gas industry continues to supply great career opportunities for our people in Louisiana, and we’re proud that Hess Corporation will help provide more great jobs and new energy technology for years to come.”
Tubular Bells topsides

The topsides facility was constructed in Houma, Louisiana

Made in America

Hess has also quoted Governor Rick Perry, Texas, as saying: “This project demonstrates what driven, innovative people can accomplish when given the opportunity to succeed. Just a few short years ago, the notion of manufacturing an offshore platform in the United States was not even a consideration. Today, Tubular Bells is showing the way to what we all hope is a new, made-in-America industrial trend.”

The hull was built in Ingleside, Texas


The hull was built in Ingleside, Texas

Gulf Marine Fabricators built the hull of the platform in Ingleside, Texas, and Gulf Island Fabrication, Inc. constructed the topsides in Houma, Louisiana.

The production facilities comprise a subsea wet tree infrastructure tied back to a three-level topside structure having a living quarters accommodating 50 persons, supported by a classic design spar anchored by nine mooring lines.

Pete Olson, the U.S. Representative for Texas’s 22nd congressional district said: “Congratulations to Hess on the launch of their Tubular Bells rig. Any major manufacturing project completed in the United States is a win for jobs and our economy, especially construction of a rig that can help provide energy security for America. Gulf Coast residents understand how important the oil and gas sector is to this country—I look forward to even more great news coming from this industry.” 

Tubular Bells is expected to deliver approximately 50,000 barrels of oil per day from three producing wells. The $2.3 billion development has an estimated production life of 25 years.

Offshore Energy Today Staff

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