ASP appoints ClassNK to evaluate ships’ CO2 emissions

Tokyo-based ship finance giant Anchor Ship Partners (ASP) has appointed classification society ClassNK for the evaluation of CO2 emissions of ships under its $5.5 billion worth green investment fund.


Anchor’s $5.5 billion investment fund incorporates the concept of impact investment, to measure the impact of investment on the environment and society as a concrete action, alongside financial returns.

Further on, the fund builds in the environment, social, and governance investing (ESG), also known as sustainable investing.

ClassNK will conduct the evaluation of CO2 emissions, which is one of the indicators for the impact evaluation, for the ships invested by the fund mainly consisting of advanced LNG carriers.

Courtesy of Navingo

“Sharing the goal to ensure further GHG emissions reduction with stakeholders, ClassNK will work on accurate, transparent, and creditable outcomes based on its knowledge and experience in the verification of GHG,” Hiroaki Sakashita, President & CEO of ClassNK said.

“For better supporting the industry’s response to climate changes, ClassNK continues expanding its role and expertise as the third-party certification body.”

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Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank will review the fund periodically to see whether it is having a positive environmental impact, by using ClassNK’s results for its impact evaluation and monitoring of the fund.

Anchor’s fifth green investment fund

According to Japanese newswire Nikkei, Anchor’s fifth investment fund will seek investments from regional banks and other financial institutions, aiming to provide double-digit annual income, largely from lease income, and to operate for 15 years.

Specifically, Anchor’s fund aims to contribute to the realization of carbon neutrality in shipping by striving to reduce GHG emissions.

Eventually, the company will consider investing into other vessels that run on or transport such non-carbon-based fuels as hydrogen and ammonia, as well as in other related businesses, like producers of hydrogen tanks. 

Anchor Ship Partners has launched a total of four funds since it was founded.