Astilleros Gondan Delivers FSRU Support Vessel to Fratelli Neri in Italy

Astilleros Gondán shipbuilders have yesterday (12th January 2012) delivered the LNG Guardian stand-by vessel to its Italian owner, Fratelli Neri S.p.A.

The LNG Guardian is the third ship to be built for Fratelli Neri at Gondan Shipyard.

This is an FRSU ( Floating Storage Regasification Unit) support ship that will assist in the regasification terminal which operates at sea, 12 miles from the Italian port of Livorno.

The ship, who’s design was developed by Cintranaval-Defcar and engineering detailed by Gondán Ingeniería, possesses characteristics that make it an exceptional boat. These include its specialist features allowing it to safely assist the terminal in the case of a gas leak, the “Full Feathering” propulsion system with drag reduction and the multitude of activities and operations of assistance for which it has been designed.

Offshore Energy Today Staff, January 13, 2012; Image: Astilleros Gondán


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