Australia: QCLNG Commits to Indigenous Reconciliation Action Plan

QCLNG Commits to Indigenous Reconciliation Action Plan

QGC has committed to providing further economic, social and environmental opportunities for indigenous people in areas where the business operates.

QGC, which is developing the Queensland Curtis LNG Project, will submit a reconciliation action plan to the non-government, not-for-profit foundation Reconciliation Australia for approval by 31 October 2013.

Eight Aboriginal groups across the QCLNG Project area have indigenous land use agreements with QGC that detail native title and cultural heritage responsibilities.

The agreements are with people from the Manandanji, Bigambul, Iman, Wulli Wulli, Wakka Wakka, Barunggam, Cobble Cobble, Jarowair, Western Wakka Wakka, Yiman, Port Curtis Coral Coast and Gangulu and Warrabal groups.

As part of these partnerships, QGC runs skills programs in vocations such as drilling and is working to build the capacity of indigenous-owned businesses and to increase employment prospects for young people.

Over the next six months, QGC will identify priorities for the reconciliation action plan to build on work already under way, and will report progress to Reconciliation Australia each year.

QGC Managing Director Derek Fisher said the plan would formalise QGC’s strategic approach to working with indigenous Australians.

“We are determined to play our part to bridge the gap between indigenous and non-indigenous people,” Mr Fisher said.

“We have a record of ensuring that our activities benefit all people in the areas where we work and we recognise the important role that reconciliation action plans play to improve people’s lives.

“This plan will enhance our ability to help indigenous people find work with us, improve their skills and develop successful businesses.”

LNG World News Staff, April 24, 2013; Image: BG