AXYS Setting Standards with Dual LiDAR Deployment

AXYS Technologies has achieved a world-first dual ZephIR 300 arrangement on the WindSentinel buoy that could become the new standard in floating LiDAR devices.

The WindSentinel ‘floating laboratory’ delivers a customized full suite of meteorological and metocean data, in addition to the wind speed & direction data used for resource assessment, to better inform the development of offshore wind farms.

The AXYS WindSentinel combines the NOMAD buoy designed to perform in harsh marine weather and the ZephIR 300 continuous wave (CW) wind LiDAR with more than 200 individual IEC compliant performance validations. The AXYS design philosophy for reducing risk associated with met data acquisition provides dual or even triple redundancy on all major components.

Terry Tarle, President & CEO at AXYS commented on the world-first launch, on show at Ocean Business 2015, Southampton, UK: “Every element of our WindSentinel floating LiDAR buoy aims to include the best-in-class of each and every sensor, cable and connector. ZephIR 300 is a proven market leader in the LiDAR sector and providing clients with an option for dual deployment really does offer an unparalleled level of risk reduction.”

Ian Locker, MD at ZephIR LiDAR welcomed the news: “We have been working with AXYS since 2007 where we installed ZephIR offshore on a purpose built meteorological station. Almost a decade later and AXYS are now delivering fleets of their WindSentinel floating LiDAR buoys for offshore wind resource assessment at a fraction of the cost, and time, of a traditional fixed met mast. This new standard for dual ZephIR 300s provides real benefit in continuous data capture even during service periods which can be made out of sync.”

Image: axys