Baker Hughes: U.S. offshore rig count up 1 rig from last week

Baker Hughes Incorporated has posted Weekly Rig Count reports to its Investor Relations website according to which the U.S. offshore rig count is up by 1.

Baker Hughes

BHI Rig Count: U.S. +6 to 1931 rigs

U.S. Rig Count is up 6 rigs from last week to 1931, with oil rigs up 8 to 1592, gas rigs down 2 to 338, and miscellaneous rigs unchanged at 1.

U.S. Rig Count is up 163 rigs from last year at 1768, with oil rigs up 231, gas rigs down 63, and miscellaneous rigs down 5.

The U.S. Offshore rig count is 66, up 1 rig from last week, and up 1 rig year over year.

BHI Rig Count: Canada -9 to 405 rigs

Canadian Rig Count is down 9 rigs from last week to 405, with oil rigs down 6 to 222, and gas rigs down 3 to 183.

Canadian Rig Count is up 25 rigs from last year at 380, with oil rigs down 16, and gas rigs up 41.

The Baker Hughes Rotary Rig Counts are counts of the number of drilling rigs actively exploring for or developing oil or natural gas in the United States, Canada and international markets. Baker Hughes has issued the rotary rig counts as a service to the petroleum industry since 1944, when Hughes Tool Company began weekly counts of US and Canadian drilling activity. Baker Hughes initiated the monthly international rig count in 1975.

Press Release, September 14, 2014
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