Blue Gas Marine plans expansion

Blue Gas Marine said it is expanding its network of authorized dealers and natural gas fueling station locations to ensure the Blue Gas Marine natural gas hybrid fuel system is readily available where it is in demand.

The company makes natural gas hybrid fuel systems for existing gasoline and diesel engines.. The onboard fuel system is designed to be installed on existing outboard/inboard engines and uses CNG or LNG. The system is an add-on that enables any boat to use natural gas without disruption to its existing fuel system, the company said in a statement. The company markets its hybrid fuel systems and natural gas fuel to frequent boat operators such as commercial fishermen, charter boats, ferries, tugs, large ships, the military and recreational users.

Miguel Guerreiro, company President and CEO, said that due to an increase in demand for the company’s natural gas fuel system it is looking to expand the network of authorized dealerships and fueling station locations.

Blue Gas Marine’s ideal partners are marinas with boats stored on site wet/dry and marine service centers with the ability to perform installations, which Blue Gas Marine trains and certifies. Each authorized dealer will have a demo boat running on the natural gas fuel system, be trained and certified by Blue Gas Marine, have the ability to dispense the fuel on the water via one of the fueling solutions and be warranty servicers for one or more engine brands. The company is looking to expand operations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Texas, and California specifically, and across the US in general.

Most boat installations can be completed within 8-20 hours depending on the configuration of the installation for the Blue Gas Marine natural gas system and some require fiberglass work. Blue Gas Marine is currently offering the new system to gasoline boats with planned expansion to diesel boats. Also, there are federal and state incentives in the form of quarterly rebates, tax credits, and reimbursements that allow for both fueling infrastructure and on-board fuel system installations to recoup a significant portion of the initial cost.

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Image: Blue Gas Marine