Boost for oil spill readiness in Norway’s North

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Two new depots for oil clean-up equipment are being opened at Hasvik and Måsøy in northern Norway, to support emergency preparedness for the Eni-run Goliat field in the Barents Sea.

Boost for oil spill readiness in Norway's North

These facilities provide western Finnmark county with an oil spill preparedness which is top-class in national terms, Eni Norge has said.

The project has been implemented by the Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies (Nofo) and the Goliat licence, which comprises Eni Norge and Statoil.

“Development of Goliat has greatly strengthened oil-spill preparedness along the Finnmark coast, and this has been specially tailored for local conditions,” Eni’s statement reads.

Storage and maintenance 

The two new depots will serve as centres for storing and maintaining clean-up and response equipment to be used in near-shore areas.

In addition to mobilising this hardware for oil clean-up exercises, the depots will provide supplies to support responses to acute oil pollution incidents.

According to Nofo they will strengthen total oil spill preparedness in the area, both near-shore and out to sea, and serve as a model for the future and a platform for further expansion.

Nofo has been responsible for procuring the depots in cooperation with the Goliat licence, and will handle their day-to-day management and associated duty rosters.

The Hasvik and Måsøy depots cover areas of 1 119 and 1 296 square metres respectively, and are provided with offices, changing rooms and meeting rooms as well as storage space and workshops. Their buildings stand adjacent to quays, and a floating jetty has been installed at Hasvik which will also be used by the local council for such activities as ambulance work

The Hasvik depot was officially opened on Tuesday 23 September by Eva D Husby, mayor of Hasvik local authority. And Anne Karin Olli, mayor of Måsøy local authority, will be officially opening the facility there on Wednesday 24 September.


September 24, 2014



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