Bourbon orders ControlCutter tech for arctic AHTS

ControlCutter, a company based in Tananger, Norway, has received an order from Bourbon Offshore to equip its new Anchor Handling Tug and Supply (AHTS) vessel with chain cutting technology.

Bourbon orders ControllCutter tech for Arctic AHTS

According to, a Norwegian news website covering the oil and gas sector, the vessel in question is the arctic AHTS being built for Bourbon at the VARD Brattvåg yard.

On its website, ControlCutter explains that the system is a fit for purpose mechanical tool that in an emergency can release vessels or rigs, preventing them from capsizing or causing an environmental disaster. The technology is completely self-contained and requires no additional power or support from the vessel, the description of the tool reads.

“In an emergency, ControlCutter will cut chains up to 167mm in less than 3 seconds”

“In an emergency, ControlCutter will cut chains up to 167mm in less than 3 seconds,” promises a piece of information on the ControllCuter website.

The first ControlCutter unit was installed in 2013 aboard the Skandi Vega Anchor Handling vessel (See the video below).

As for the the arctic AHTS vessel under construction for Bourbon, it designed by Vard Design, developed for world-wide anchor handling and remote operations, with a total length of 93.6 meters, a beam of 24 meters and a bollard pull of approximately 270 ton.

The vessel will be operated by Bourbon Offshore Norway and is scheduled for delivery from Vard Brattvaag in Norway in 1Q 2016.

ControlCutter Skandi Vega from Michael Bjerrum on Vimeo.


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