Photo: Courtesy of BP

BP, ADNOC, Masdar partner up for UK and UAE clean energy

British oil and gas company BP, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), and UAE-based renewable energy developer Masdar have teamed up to develop hydrogen hubs in the UK and UAE.

hydrogen; BP, ADNOC and Masdar partner up for UK and UAE clean energy
Courtesy of BP

The parties have signed three agreements in regards to clean and low carbon energy. One of those will see them collaborate to develop two gigawatts of low-carbon hydrogen across hubs in UK and UAE. Also, the companies intend to expand as the project progresses.

Access to clean hydrogen can reduce emissions, ‎enable new, low-carbon products, and unlock future fuels. Therefore, this is a significant contribution to the UK Government’s target to develop five gigawatts of hydrogen production by 2030. 

It could also lead to the first international investment in the low carbon hydrogen facility in Teesside. H2Teesside aims to produce a gigawatt of blue hydrogen starting in 2027. The project will capture and store up to two million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) a year through the Northern Endurance Partnership (NEP).

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Moreover, BP and ADNOC plan to deepen their collaboration to decarbonize oil and gas operations in Abu Dhabi. This includes the potential development of Carbon Capture Use and Storage (CCUS) hubs. The two companies would also harness advanced methane emission detection and reduction technologies and create Smart Decision Centres in the UAE. 
The expected areas of collaboration align with the key areas of both governments’ plans, BP’s statement concludes.