Enauta restarts production from second well on Brazilian field

Brazil: Enauta replaces pump and restarts Atlanta’s second well

Brazilian oil and gas company Enauta has resumed production from the second well on the Atlanta field, located offshore Brazil, following a replacement of a seabed pump. The third well on the field is on track to resume production in mid-2022.

FPSO Petrojarl I; Source: Enauta

Back in January 2022, the production from the Atlanta field was shut down to complete the repair of a production line on the FPSO Petrojarl I. The repairs were completed the following week, however, a Covid-19 outbreak hampered the restart of production as the unit was in lockdown.

At the end of the same month, Enauta confirmed the production from the field was resumed, however, identification and repair of electrical system failure needed to be carried out before the second well could be returned to production. At the time, the field was producing around 4,000 barrels of oil per day.

In its latest statement on Thursday, Enauta confirmed the well 7-ATL-4HB-RJS had returned to production at the Atlanta field, after the replacement of the seabed pump. The company explains that the field is now producing around 12,500 barrels of oil per day, contributing to the firm’s total production of around 21,500 boe per day.

Enauta also says that the return of the well 7-ATL-3H-RJS is expected in mid-2022, counting on the other two pumps, which will be sent for maintenance, and should be available at the same time when the firm anticipates the restart of production from the third well on the field.

 FPSO Petrojarl I; Courtesy of Enauta
FPSO Petrojarl I; Courtesy of Enauta

Located in the Santos Basin, the Atlanta field is operated by Enauta Energia S.A., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, which also has a 100 per cent interest in this asset. The field has been producing since 2018 through an Early Production System (EPS) – comprising three wells connected to the FPSO Petrojarl I.

Enauta signed agreements with Altera in January 2022 to extend the charter, operation, and maintenance of this FPSO for an additional duration of up to two years. During the same month, the company entered into an agreement for the purchase of FPSO OSX-2 for the Definitive System (DS) of the Atlanta field and the purchase deal was closed earlier in February.

It is worth noting that Enauta informed in December 2021 that the drilling of an additional well in the EPS of the Atlanta field was approved, expecting to start production in early 2023.

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Earlier in February, Enauta signed a rig contract for drilling operations on the field, scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2022.