BSH awards geophysical survey contract for German offshore wind zone

Germany’s Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) has awarded Fraunhofer IWES with a contract to carry out geophysical site investigation in the N-6 offshore wind area.


The geophysical survey is set to be conducted this summer as part of the geological preliminary investigation at the N-6.6 and N-6.7 areas in the North Sea.

The work includes the measurement of approximately 1,100km using a sediment echo sounder, as well as high-resolution single and multi-channel seismic. 

Additionally, it covers the processing of the collected data, evaluation and documentation, as well as determining suitable locations for the subsequent geotechnical explorations.

To remind, in September last year, BSH announced it is launching the next round of preliminary investigations on the N-6.6 and N-6.7 areas.

N-6.6 is expected to support a capacity of 630 MW and the area N-6.7 will support a capacity of 270 MW. If deemed suitable, the areas will be tendered in 2024 and put into operation in 2029.