Canada: SubC Control Launches HD-Now Conversion Pod

SubC Control introduced the HD-Now conversion pod which provides older ROVs with an easy upgrade path to HD capability.

Most ROVs have at least one spare fiber. Utilizing a spare presents the easiest method of getting HD video to the surface.

In the cases where the ROV has HD-SDI capability, the bottle outputs HD-SDI over Coax.

HD-Now is built to work with the SubC 1Cam, but it can also work with other analog cameras.

Main features of HD-Now include:

Fiber Type: SM – 16dB budget – 22 miles MM – 16dB budget – 0.2 miles

Camera: Burton 5506-2013 or 5506-1508

Fiber: OPT-F-FCR Single-way


Diameter: 114mm

Length w/o Connector: 217mm

Weight: 11kg in water

Depth Rating: 1000, 3000 or 6500m

Housing: Stainless Steel or Titanium

Power: 12-32 Vdc / 6Watts

SubC Control (SubC) is dedicated to becoming a leading provider of revolutionary and reliable solutions for video, image and lighting requirements in the offshore and subsea markets. Its success and growth can be directly attributed to the quality and passion of its employees and their constant commitment, fuelled by a genuine interest in new technology and the rewards of deep sea exploration.

Subsea World News Staff , June 04, 2012;  Image: SubC Control