Canada to buy interim replacement ship for Madeleine ferry

The Government of Canada has issued an advance contract award notice (ACAN), signalling its intention to purchase the motor vessel Villa de Teror as an interim measure to replace the ferry MV Madeleine.

Illustration. Source: Flickr under the CC BY-SA 2.0 license. Image by Andres Alvarado
Illustration. Source: Flickr under the CC BY-SA 2.0 license. Image by Andres Alvarado

The MV Madeleine is 39 years old and is at the end of its service life. The 6,807 gross ton ship is used as the primary vessel for service between Îles de-la-Madeleine, Quebec, and Souris, Prince Edward Island. Last year, the government announced that Chantier Davie Canada Inc. will build a replacement vessel, which is expected to be ready in 2026.

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“The ferry service is essential to the citizens of the Îles-de-la-Madeleine as it connects their communities to the mainland, and it supports regional economies through the transportation of goods and tourism. The MV Madeleine is at the end of service life and the Government of Canada is taking steps to ensure that this important service is maintained without interruption,” Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport, said.

The shipbuilder will also design and construct a ferry to replace the 49-year-old MV Holiday Island — one of the two vessels used to provide service between Wood Islands, PEI and Caribou, Nova Scotia.

As explained, an interim solution is required to ensure continued ferry service to the residents of Îles-de-la-Madeleine. As a result, Transport Canada intends to purchase the MV Villa de Teror to deliver the service during the summer of 2021 until 2026. The government determined that the ship is the only solution that meets operational requirements and assures service continuity as an interim measure while the permanent replacement is being built.

Once the purchase has been completed, Transport Canada intends to rename the MV Villa de Teror as the MV Madeleine II. When the permanent replacement built by Chantier Davie enters into service, the government will sell the MV Villa de Teror (MV Madeleine II).

Through this procurement process, the ACAN allows other interested suppliers with a ferry that meets Transport Canada minimum operational requirements to submit a statement of capabilities before a contract is awarded. Interested parties have 15 calendar days from 2 July to submit a statement of capabilities to show they meet the requirements laid out in the ACAN.

What is more, the government unveiled the name of the new ferry to be built by Chantier Davie. The permanent replacement will be named MV Jean Lapierre.

“I am extremely proud of the fact that the new ship will be named the MV Jean Lapierre, in honour of the proud Madelinot and former Minister of Transport who passed away far too soon in 2016,” Diane Lebouthillier, Minister of National Revenue, commened.

“Today’s announcement will allow travellers and businesses to enjoy uninterrupted ferry service in this region, while two ferries are being built by Chantier Davie Canada Inc.,” Anita Anand, Minister of Public Services and Procurement, added.