Canadian university acquires electric observation-class ROV

Canadian university acquires electric observation-class ROV

Houston-headquartered Forum Energy Technologies (FET) has delivered an electric observation-class remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to Canadian Memorial University of Newfoundland which can be used for renewable energy projects, among other things.

Source: FET

Delivered to the Fisheries and Marine Institute, the primary function of the Sub-Atlantic Mohican ROV system will be to support ocean research, while it will also be used for pilot technician training. For ocean research operations, the ROV will be required to carry a payload skid for navigation, equipment and sensors, as well as be capable of manipulation and intervention.

Mohican is equipped for inspection tasks, non-destructive testing, (NDT), light intervention, pipeline/cable/seabed survey, diver assist/safety, harbor and port security, scientific survey and data collection, renewable energy projects, civil engineering, long tunnel excursion and for inland waterways.

It was manufactured at FET’s UK facility at Kirkbymoorside, North Yorkshire, and delivered to Memorial University of Newfoundland this year.

According to the company, the Mohican ROV has a 2,000-meter depth rating and with TMS Garage system, is suited to inspection, survey repair, oceanographic research and subsea maintenance tasks. Ancillary tools and sensors can also be added to the vehicle for survey and light intervention work.

“The acquisition of the FET Mohican ROV system vastly increases our capability to complete scientific observation and sampling research work up to depths of 2000 m,” said Joe Singleton, Interim Head for the School of Ocean Technology at the Marine Institute of Memorial University.

“The ability to add additional sensors, cameras, and equipment to the payload makes it versatile for all anticipated expeditions. For our students completing the ROV Technician program, this comprehensive system provides a great experiential learning platform for maintenance, repair, integration, and operations.”

Speaking about other company-related news, it is worth noting that earlier this year FET announced it had released its latest generation of video recording solutions for the survey and inspection of subsea assets.