Caterpillar Supports Development of Ashdod Port

Caterpillar recently delivered the Cat 6015B OEM Frontless Hydraulic Shovel that is being used for the Ashdod Port Development Project in Israel.

The port, located about 40 kilometers south of Tel Aviv, is undergoing a substantial expansion to meet the forecast of a 40 percent increase in cargo traffic by 2021.

Known as the Cat 6015B OEM Long Reach Hydraulic Shovel and fitted with a custom-built, distinctive 30-meter boom attachment, it’s the result of cooperation between Caterpillar, Israel Tractor & Equipment (I.T.E.), Dutch company STC B.V. and PMEC in China.

According to Caterpillar, this sophisticated project has brought together a number of international companies that have created a uniquely advanced solution to dig deep below the water line.

This is an extraordinary project,” said Rotem Bamani, Vice President of Projects with the Infrastructure Division for I.T.E.To succeed, we needed to understand the needs of PMEC as well as the complex transportation and assembly logistics. One aspect allowing full collaboration and trust was the positive customer experience PMEC had with us in the past.

Production of the hydraulic shovel took place in three locations. Engineering, production and assembly of the 30-meter boom was given to STC, along with a timeline of just five and a half months.

Meanwhile, the Caterpillar factory in Germany was preparing the 6015B body, which would be delivered frontless to STC before heading to Israel for final assembly at the worksite.