Caterpillar to unveil new engine platform for offshore vessels at SMM

Caterpillar Marine has announced the launch of the Mak M 25 E engine platform at the 2014 SMM Exhibition, held September 9 – 12 in Hamburg, Germany.

Caterpillar to unveil new engine platform for offshore vessels at SMMDeveloped for state-of-the-art vessel designs with an emphasis on fuel savings, the platform was specifically designed to address the evolving global marine industry requirements while maximizing operators’ bottom line. Key product features include optimized engine performance as well as an efficient part load range, which can help to save up to 40 tons of fuel a year when operating vessels at variable engine speed. Vessels typically operating at lower loads can save up to 60 tons of fuel per year by changing the operating mode from constant- to variable engine speed. The M 25 E will be available to order from the global MaK dealer network in fourth quarter 2014 and is ideal for offshore and coastal cargo vessels.

Caterpillar Marine senior product definition engineer Detlef Kirste commented, “The reliability of the new MaK 25 E is assured, given that it is based on the legendary M 25 C platform. In addition to adding a 5 percent power increase and reducing the fuel consumption on this platform, we also engineered the M 25 E to capitalize on the synergies between the engine, vessel and propulsion system.”

Developed to be compatible with both traditional and modern mechanical systems as well as electric propulsion systems, the M 25 E will be available in 6, 8 and 9 cylinder configurations offering ratings between 2,100 kW and 3,150 kW at 720 and 750 rpm.

By combining a set of proven technologies such as Flexible Camshaft, Waste Gate Technology and Cylinder Bypass Valve, Caterpillar Marine engineers designed engine ratings to support varied operational profiles of vessels at lowest smoke emissions while supporting the installation of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems for lowest NOx emissions at the same time.

Caterpillar Marine says the engine is ideal for vessels where the hull and propeller have been optimized for lowest operational costs at cruising speeds as well as for vessels where customers have elected to lower operational fuel costs by utilizing selected load profiles in combination with the most efficient engine speed. Equipped with the new Modular Alarm and Control System (MACS) the M 25 E also supports remote condition monitoring and diagnostic maintenance programs.

The customizable M 25 E was designed to leverage Cat Propulsion solutions and is available in controllable pitch and fixed pitch propeller applications as well as generator applications.

“The M 25 E has a very high torque to speed ratio allowing operators to run their CP propellers at a reduced propeller shaft speed significantly increasing the propulsive efficiency and lowering fuel consumption,” Jonas Nyberg Caterpillar Propulsion sales manager noted.

“The improved load response also makes them the ideal engines for any demanding transient operations such as Dynamic Positioning.”

Press Release, September 09, 2014