CGG Achieves Safety Milestones in Saudi Arabia

CGG Achieves Safety Milestones in Saudi Arabia

CGG announced that three acquisition crews operating in Saudi Arabia on behalf of Saudi Aramco have achieved impressive safety records. Two OBC crews have completed six million and five million man-hours of continuous operations without a Lost Time Incident (LTI) respectively while a third vibroseis crew has crossed the milestone of seven million man-hours of continuous operations without LTI.

All three crews are operated by ARGAS, CGG’s joint venture with TAQA in Saudi Arabia.

OBC crew S66 has been working in the Arabian Gulf for over two and a half years while OBC crew S65 also worked in that region for over two years. Both crews have achieved outstanding airgun production rates while recording four-component data with the Sercel SeaRay® seabed acquisition system. Each crew deploys 250 people and 8-10 vessels in areas that are congested with production fields, pipelines and vessel routes. Vibroseis crew S61, mobilizing 875 people, has been operating for the last three and a half years in desert areas in extreme weather conditions.

Jean-Georges Malcor, CEO, CGG, said: “These excellent safety performances by our Saudi crews in challenging operating conditions are testimony to the high level of commitment shown by the management teams of both ARGAS and Saudi Aramco as well as the day-to-day dedication of all the field and support staff.”

Press Release, April 12, 2013; Image: CGG