CGG extends Saturno survey offshore Brazil

French geophysical services company CGG has completed an extension of its Santos VII broadband 3D multi-client survey offshore Brazil.

CGG said on Wednesday that the 1,867 square kilometer extension to the original footprint gives the company a total of almost 16,000 square kilometers of newly acquired and imaged pre-salt coverage.

The extension was made to fully image this highly prospective area after images recently delivered from the Fast-Track PSDM over a priority area of the Saturno field indicated further structure to the east, CGG said.

The company added that the latest addition would aid in the interpretation and understanding of the Saturno field well in advance of the May 2018 lease round.

Jean-Georges Malcor, CEO of CGG, said on Wednesday: “Having the fast-track data available so soon after acquisition and working in close client consultation increased our confidence to extend our Santos VII survey.

“This addition to our already very large 3D multi-client library in the Santos Basin underlines our commitment to offering the industry ultramodern exploration data sets to support the next pre-salt licensing round.”

To remind, CGG started the broadband 3D multi-client survey over the Saturno field in October 2016. It was the third phase of CGG’s pre-salt project known as the Santos Basin Trilogy. The project was designed to make ultramodern seismic datasets available as quickly as possible to support each phase in the pre-salt evaluation process in anticipation of Brazil’s next pre-salt licensing round.