Cheoy Lee Wins License Agreement to Build Robert Allan – Designed Rotortugs

Cheoy Lee Secures License to Build Robert Allan - Designed Rotortugs

During the Tugnology conference held in London on May 14th 2013, three respected companies in the tugboat industry intensified their co-operation with respect to the Rotor®tug. The agreement between the three companies, secures Cheoy Lee Shipyards Ltd with a license agreement to build Robert Allan Ltd designed Rotor®tugs of the ART 80-32 type for third parties, on stock.

Cheoy Lee Shipyards Ltd will integrate the ART 80-32 into their harbor/terminal tugs portfolio. This will give them the opportunity to offer on tenders requesting Rotor®tugs for their performance, redundancy, superior safety and unique maneuverability.

The ART 80-32 is the third Rotor®tug design originating from the co-operation between Rotor®tug and Robert Allan Ltd and the follow up on the first Hybrid Rotor®tug ever, the RT Adriaan, refitted by Aspin Kemp Associates Ltd under supervision of the new building department of Kotug.

Cheoy Lee Shipyards, May 20, 2013

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