China: CIC Boluomiao Shipyard Repairs Ship’s Main Engine in Record Time

CIC Boluomiao Shipyard Repairs Ship's Main Engine in Record Time

CIC Boluomiao shipyard received a call for help from a shipping company in Guangdong province. A ship in full load of the company was coming back to the Zhuhai Power Plant, the main engine suddenly failed, the scavenging box fired, and the ship had to emergently anchored in the sea of Dangan island. Unfortunately, this year’s super typhoon “Naza” just landed and the typhoon “Gurney” was coming soon. The ship’s safety was at stake, it need quickly repaired to ensure the ship and crew‘s safety.

The shipyard quickly established a repair team to the location of the ship. The team had 13 members including the rich experienced young supervisors, QC men and engineers. After 10 hours journey on Oct 5th, the team stepped onboard and at once discussed the main engine’s problem with the captain and chief engineer, checked on spot, made repair measures and safety plan. They decided to draw out No.3-No.6 pistons to check. The team made a detailed plan for the repair work, regardless of that day, the sea having Grade 8-9 wind on the Beaufort scale and 5 meters high billow, and started repair work as usual at the night with the sea jounce.

This repair work completed, from first worker stepping on board the ship to the last worker disembarking , with 66 hours, but only 38 hours used for the repair work.


Source: csgcic, October 25, 2011